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Black Center Cut Stingray Silver Lined Cuff - by UNEARTHED

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One of our signature cuffs, crafted from 100% STINGRAY and dyed a very rich true jet black.
This is a traditional stingray cut, which emphasizes the 'star' or spine section, a beautiful and elegant statement piece.

This specific piece is cut from the dead center of the hide, and exhibits the traditional white stones which are the tell tale mark of genuine stingray!
This spine, or stony area is the prime and most sought after area of the hide, and is utterly magnificent in person!

The texture is breathtaking....stingray leather feels and looks as if it is made of millions of minuscule seed beads all gathered together and set flat on one single surface!
The beads have a gorgeous glass-like shine to them and they feel incredible to the touch.

This is a very versatile cuff, perfect for day or night. Sure to draw many compliments!

The cuff interior is silver plated, and will fit a wide variety of wrist sizes, from 5.5” (looser fit) up to 8 inches! It is adjustable for fit and available with either a silver or gold interior finish, just select your desired option at checkout from the drop down menu!

The open cuff design offers easy on, easy off, and is very comfortable when on.
Please note that the size of the white center area will different from piece to piece as each hide is unique and essentially one of a kind. It may be smaller or larger and the individual stones may be smaller or larger, but that is part of the joy of owning a bespoke exotic leather item - no two will ever be identical!